Sunday Money Info

The Sunday Money Series is CORAs flagship series now running in its forth season.

Drivers are required to qualify in one of 3 qualifying races held on Monday Wednesday and Saturday a driver must finish in the top 12 of a qualifier to make the show on Sunday. Pryor to joining a qualifying race each driver is required to send a $6.00 deposit that can be used all week long until qualified. If a driver does not make it in to Sunday Money the driver can request his deposit back or leave it in CORA for his next qualifying attempt . Now if a driver does qualify for Sunday Money a portion of the entree fee goes toward the weekly race purse and a portion goes to the championship fund (100% of all entree fees will be paid back to the drivers).

All Sunday Money Races are broadcast live on LSRTV to which the live feed can be found on the top left tab on the CORA website

New for this season we will have 6 diferent championships with in the main Sunday Money Championship and the payouts for each can be seen below. We will be running 4 different race cars starting with the Trucks the B-cars , Gen-6 and Indy Cars all of witch will have there own individual champion. We will also keep track of points accumulated in the qualifiers and thus crowning a champion of the qualifiers.

Here is an overview of the points system used for all of the series with the excemtion of the Sunday Money Quals wich has a little bit different points system.

Points are based on 36 entrees with 3 points per possion meaning 1st place will recieve 108 points than decreasing by 3 for each possion down to 36th 36th = 3 points

This is the weekly payouts for Sunday Money

1st $30.00                  10th.$7.00

2nd $22.50                11th $6.50

3rd $17.50                 12th $6.00

4th $14.50                 13th $3.50

5th $12.50                  14th $3.00

6th $11.00                  15th $2.50

7th $10.00                  16th $2.00

8th $9.00                     17th $1.50

9th $8.00                     18th $1.00

Championship pay outs



1ST PLACE $36.00


1ST PLACE $36.00


1ST PLACE $36.00


1ST PLACE $18.00

Super late mods

1st Place $18.00


CHAMPION $200.00

2ND $100.00

3RD. $50.00

4TH $40.00

5TH. $30.00

6TH. $25.00

7TH. $20.00

8TH. $19.00

9TH. $18.00

10TH. $15.00

11TH. $12.00

12TH. $11.00

13TH. $10.00